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Did you hear the wind howling?

If you have trees around your home, when storms bring high winds you have a high chance of roof damage. We had a client who, like the rest of us, has a lot on her plate. So when the winds knocked down a large branch on the roof over the door, she didn't see a hole and thought nothing more about it until the soffit literally fell out. The branch that hit her roof only had a little knob on the end, stuck out about 3 inches, and that was enough to cause a small hole. Which grew bigger and created quite a bit of damage in the attic and to the drywall. We were able to get her insurance to cover these costs. We can help you too. Don't wait for your soffit to fall out! Call us today for a FREE roof estimate so you can sleep soundly at night and not cringe when it rains, not knowing whether you have a small hole or not.

First pic is off her soffit, over her front door. Second is the hole the branch caused when it fell. And lastly, her house with the hole fixed, and a brand-new roof. Click below to book your FREE Roof Inspection today!

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